Mill Creek Village Sincerely Thanks Our Neighbors and Sponsors For Their Generous Support During The Recent Holiday Season

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True to its motto, “Neighbors Helping Neighbors,” Mill Creek Village has served the Mill Creek Towne neighborhood as a nonprofit, charitable community services organization for more than 10 years. During that time, the Village has never charged fees or membership dues for our services to assist senior residents to “age well in place.” Nor has the village ever required Mill Creek Towne residents to pay for participation in our various community-wide social events and programs. To maintain our operations and work toward the Village’s financial stability, we have relied on the charitable giving of our wonderful Mill Creek Towne neighbors and friends, the sponsorships of community-minded local businesses and some small private and county grants.
For the past two years, during the months of November and December, Mill Creek Village has conducted an electronic Holiday fundraising appeal to neighbors and friends. At the same time, members of our Board of Directors have solicited local businesses for sponsorship support. The Board is both proud and grateful to report that the combined results of these recent efforts resulted in donations of $6,500, more than 30% higher than in the previous year.
These funds will greatly aid us in our continued efforts in 2024 to foster a caring, informed and socially connected community that cares about its seniors and one another. During this year, in addition to our longstanding programs and services, we will initiate several new ones to benefit Mill Creek Towne residents.
The Village deeply appreciates the kindness shown by the many individuals that donated $25, and multiples of that amount, to help us to continue to make a difference in our neighbor’s lives. We also gratefully acknowledge the following 14 outstanding business neighbors for their generous support as sponsors of our community service efforts in 2024.
Again, many, many thanks to all our donors who share our desire to keep Mill Creek Towne a special place to live, raise a family and age well. We also encourage our Mill Creek Towne neighbors to utilize the fine businesses that have demonstrated their support of our community.
To learn more about our current sponsors, please visit: