Project Porchlight Deemed a Great Success in Mill Creek Towne

project porchlight
In December, Mill Creek Village partnered with the County’s Department of Environmental Protection to bring Project Porchlight to Mill Creek Towne. We asked homeowners to swap their older, less efficient incandescent bulbs and potentially hazardous, mercury-containing CFL (compact fluorescent) bulbs for new and more eco-friendly and cost saving LED light bulbs. Every household received a reusable tote bag containing information about the Project, low-cost home energy audits and 1-2 free new LED bulbs (depending on the available supply). Additionally, those turning in their older bulbs received an additional LED bulb for every three they swapped.
Project Manager Larissa Johnson has informed us that the Project Ambassadors were impressed by how many porchlights were already filled with LEDs. She also indicated that more than 220 older incandescent and CFL bulbs were turned in for proper recycling. In all, more than 1,200 new LED light bulbs were distributed to homes in our community over two weekends. She called it an excellent outcome!