Mill Creek Village Now Offers Technology Assistance to Seniors in the Community

tech help for seniors

Are you an older Mill Creek Towne resident (60 years of age and older) who routinely gets frustrated using their electronic devices, encounters technology problems or failures, or has fears about using electronic devices at all? Are your kids or grandkids not always around to help you deal with these matters in a timely manner. Well, your community non-profit organization, Mill Creek Village, might be able to help you meet these challenges in the future. It is initiating a program in February 2024 to provide seniors in our neighborhood with at-home technology assistance service from a volunteer with technology expertise.

Villages throughout the country have found that technologically-connected seniors can avail themselves of valuable learning, health maintenance, entertainment, and other opportunities that promote their overall well-being. Staying connected can also contribute to occupying your mind meaningfully and staying in touch with family and friends to avert the detrimental effects of social isolation and loneliness.

Mill Creek Village now has a tech-savvy volunteer that can help Mill Creek Towne senior residents with technological support to operate, maintain the function of and expand the utility of their computers, laptops, smartphones, and other electronic devices. Like other services and programs provided by the Village, this limited technological assistance is available free-of-charge. We describe this as “limited support” because we are not like professional services that repair devices that are in serious disrepair! We want to help make working devices continue to work and better serve you.

If you are a senior 60 years of age and older and desire in-home help with your technology needs, contact the Village about it at 240-686-5870 and leave us a message or write us at with that information. Please specify the device, the issue, and your contact information and our volunteer will contact you to discuss your needs and determine a good time to visit.

Seeking Additional Tech Support Volunteers: We are starting with one tech-support volunteer and others in our community with such skills will volunteer as well. If you are knowledgeable about the use of electronic devices and would like to help provide limited technology assistance to seniors in the community, please let us know at the phone number or email address above!